Case Study: Monique

My name is Monique, I am 19 years old and have lived in Westminster and attended school in Westminster my entire life. I heard about this scholarship through my Headteacher in my primary school. I was informed that the scholarship was to help fund students from low income backgrounds and was advised to apply by my head teacher.

I was pleased that she had remembered me and had confidence in me and my ability to be successful upon applying. Despite doubting myself I decided to apply for the scholarship, as I was anxious about the financial pressures of attending university.

"I would encourage all students to apply for this amazing opportunity."

In 2014 my father fell ill and therefore had to give up his job. This put a financial strain on my family. Ultimately this led me to make the decision to live at home instead of living out of London for university as I had planned. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Queen Mary University of London to read Law and Politics. I have completed my first year in the course and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I look forward to completing my degree at Queen Mary with the help of the Sir Simon Milton Scholarship. The grant from the Foundation has been incredibly helpful in funding my travel expenses to university and in purchasing the books and study guides necessary for my course.

I am very appreciative of the Sir Simon Milton Foundation for awarding me this scholarship and helping support and fund me throughout my time at university. I would encourage all students to apply for this amazing opportunity.