Sir Simon Milton University of Westminster Care Leaver Bursaries

Students from care backgrounds often face greater financial and emotional pressures without the family support networks that other students have.  We are supporting the University of Westminster with Sir Simon Milton Care Leaver Bursaries.  The Bursary is awarded to five Westminster-based Care Leavers.  The purpose of the bursaries is to support these students in their final year and to transition into employment.


“I am so grateful for the Sir Simon Milton Foundation bursary! Although I have been living independently for two years now - and benefited hugely from the independence and my own study space, I have struggled with the adjustment of paying bills, and for travel and equipment needed for my studies and future career. This bursary is helping me mainly with bills, rent and travel expenses to and from campus. I am also looking at purchasing equipment and going on a course, as I want to go into journalism as a career or become an author. I have been thinking about a Master’s – but I am not sure I can afford this as an option, as I will still have to pay for bills and rent. This bursary will also ease the pressure on me whilst I look for full time employment after university”. Amy