The Sir Simon Milton Scholarship - Accepted Courses

The scholarship will accept applicants currently studying a BA, BSc, BEng or MEng in degrees of the below titles – including those prefixed with ‘Advanced’ e.g. ‘Advanced Engineering’.

The scholarship is open to those studying combined courses if the course includes a title from the below list. The scholarship is on the condition that you complete the accepted part of the combined degree from the list below (e.g. a student of History and French could remain on the scholarship if the course changed to History and German). There is no restriction on 3 or 4 year courses.

British Politics
Government and European Studies
International Development
International Politics
International Relations
Politics and Parliamentary Studies

Ancient History
History of Art
Modern History

Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Air Transport Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Aviation Engineering
Civil Engineering
Design Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Engineering for sustainable energy
Engineering Management
General Engineering
Integrated Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Oil and Gas Engineering
Software Engineering
Structural Engineering

Architectural Technology
Building Engineering
Building Surveying
Construction Engineering Management
Construction Management
Construction Project Management
Project Management for Construction
Quantity Surveying